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My Youtube channel (I make chiptunes):…

Squid in a Box Stamp by laprasking

All right, people have recently been asking me to draw requests for them - and I thought hey, what's in it for me?
Therefore, I decided to start doing paid commissions.


Sketch - free

LoZ - The Lump of Eternity (Thing a Day 2014 #196) by RedBlupiKao: Years After - Hunter (Thing a Day 2014 #128) by RedBlupi

Shaded (Pen) - 800 Points

What's your Name? (for Draco-Typhoon14) by RedBlupiFirst Journey (for ScribbleBoteNote) by RedBlupi

Shaded (Pencil) - 1200 Points

The Kool Krab (Thing a Day 2014 #327) by RedBlupi'Anti - Guardians' - Jim Jackson (TaD 2014 #270) by RedBlupi

- Also, with the above, I roll a D6 upon you requesting - on a 6, it's free.

Ariga-Style Robot Master File - 2000 Points
Character Files - TankMan (Unlimited) by RedBlupiCharacter Files - PlagueMan (Rock Force) by RedBlupi

[CLOSED] 2A03 MegaMan-Styled Chiptune - 2800 Points

- You can pay 80 extra points for the chiptune and get a little extra gift (like a small enemy sprite for your game).
- For each chiptune you commission, you get a cumulative discount of 400 points for further compositions (the minimum price is 800 points).

 - TERMS: -

- If you don't feel like reading the terms, you don't really have to. I can guide you through the whole process myself.
- The only thing you really need to know is that payment is made upon delivery of the finished work, via point donations, and that you should communicate with me through DA notes.


0 - One commission at a time. No "draw this, and that, while you're at it".
1 - Please communicate with me only through notes. I shall use the same means.
2 - Until I'm done with a commission for you, all further requests from you will be ignored.
3 - Don't overdo it with the number of characters. Four highlights is the absolute maximum.
4 - I can make a simple backgrounds, but not one on the whole page.
5 - By default, I may or may not give the picture a quick digital tint. If you want a specific color (or lack of), please mention it in the request.
6 - You have to choose the subject yourself. No "just draw whatever you like", it doesn't really make much sense.
7 - The commission does not in any way oblige me to watch your account / work on your fangame / be friends with you / etc.
8 - I reserve the right to open and close specific commission types whenever I want. It doesn't mean that I stop working on these already requested, it's just that you can't ask for new ones.
9 - The prices of commission types can change. I will not, however, do so while at least one commission of that type is in progress.


0 - The basic deadline for all of the above request is a month, except the chiptune, which can take up to two months.
1 - Any sort of urging me to hurry up before the deadline passes will result in the commission being cancelled (i won't charge anything, of course).
2 - Should I fail to fit inside the deadline, the commission becomes free of charge (with chiptunes, you pay half of the price).
3 - Ladies first (sexist, I know).


0 - Sonic / Equestria Girls / FNAF (I'm a hater, so what)
1 - Gore / Horror (There can be blood, but no more than in, One Piece)
2 - Ideologically themed material (Hate posters, and things like that)
3 - Yaoi / Yuri shipping (Watch out for canon shipping in general, I don't like it)
4 - NSFW / Suggestive / Fetish stuff (The characters can be "sexy", but it must not be the focus of the image)
5 - I reserve the right to refuse to do your request even if it doesn't fit into any of these categories.
6 - Doujinshi pages do not fall under the "Shaded (Pen)" category, even if they feature 4 or less characters.
7 - I will not make remixes of your music, unless it's really good (it's for me to decide).


0 - Any point transactions are made upon delievering the finished work.
1 - I only accept points - no trades, adoptables, money, etc. (unless stated otherwise).
2 - Should you refuse to pay at all, you lose all rights to the work. If you post it anywhere, it will be reported. Also, your name will be added to the "Wall of Shame" on my profile.
3 - If you fail to pay for a chiptune, it will be uploaded as a Free Stage theme. If you still use it, I will mention in the comments that it's stolen.
4 - Having your name on the "Wall of Shame" also means that I will never draw/compose anything for you ever again.
5 - The "Wall of Shame" (but not loss of rights) will be avoided if you give me a valid explanation for your inability to pay (had an accident, suddenly went broke, etc.).
6 - Transactions should be made up to two weeks after the work is delievered. Should you be late, you will be treated like one who refuses to pay.
7 - Should you pay only part of the price (one point does not count as a "part"), I will not make another commission for you until you complete the payment.
8 - Any points given to me before the finished work is delivered will be instantly refunded. Any points given after the delivery will not be refunded.
9 - How to give points to someone:…


0 - I reserve the only right to post Robot Master Files and chiptunes on my page/channel. Reposting them on the same site is stricly prohibited.
1 - With the rest of the commission types, you can post them wherever you want, as long as you give credit. Whether I can post them myself, as well, is a matter of your choice.


0 - In OC requests, if you don't give me any personality info, you have no right to complain if they're off-character in the picture.
1 - Similarly, if the picture is themed after an obscure manga/webcomic/etc., additional info is welcome - I will not look it up myself.
2 - If you're dissatisfied with the results, you may choose one of the two solutions shown below:

   "IT'S MEH":
  3 - The price is halved.
  4 - Explanation for choosing this solution is welcome, but not mandatory.
  5 - As for ordinary pen/pencil drawings, you still post them if you want, but I reserve the right to post them myself.
  6 - With chiptunes, all the above don't apply. You either choose the second solution, or instruct me on how to tweak it until it suits you.

  "IT'S CRAP":
  7 - You don't have to pay at all.
  8 - Just like if you refused to pay, you lose the right to post or use the commission anywhere.
  9 - To use this solution, you have to give an explanation on why is it so.

(G) ROBOT MASTER FILE RULES: (you needn't read it if you're commissioning something else)

0 - I can make a file for either your own Robot Master, an official one from a game later that MM6 (Files for 1-6 already exists, all done by Hitoshi Ariga), or one from an existing fangame ( Unlimited).
1 - I will not make character files for recolored Robot Master OCs, or any MegaMan character other than RMs.
2 - Should you choose an OC of your own, you need to give me the information listed below (or the request will be ignored):

- Picture
    - Name
  - Powers
  - Creator / Owner
  - Purpose ( "combat robot" or "power plant maintenance robot")

- Sprites
  - Description of battle style
    - Stage Theme


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MetalSonic30 Featured By Owner Edited Feb 22, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I recently bought all three Mega Man Megamix Volumes and I'm liking what I'm seeing thus far! Considering that you are making a fan game based on the Megamix universe, you can say you got me intrigued!
Vincent-Rocchio Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2017
Hello RedBlupi, I Made Some Pyramid Woman Concept Art. The Info The Movement, The Attacks, The Weapon, & The Enemies. But I Didn't Made The Tileset. So You Are The One To Make The Sprites For Pyramid Woman's Concept Art. Here Is My Page:… Please Make A Sprite Sheet For My Fangame Please. I'll Give Credit.
garfieldatejon2015 Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey, what's that icon on your deviantID, RedBlupi?
edencrafty127 Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2017
do you have a discord server?
RedBlupi Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
No, I don't. I wouldn't be seen dead on Discord.
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